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A littLe about me

Let me introduce myself.  I’ve become a celebrant so I can help create more joy in peoples lives including my own.

I’ve come to this conclusion after some pretty defining moments and times in my own  life.Life is for living, loving and laughing  and more importantly sharing it with others!

I now live in beautiful Noosa and enjoy the simple things in life.  Sunsets, Sunrises and of course the ocean and the beaches..

I thrive on being able to leave people better than I found them and am a stickler for tweaking things to make them better than expected and unique.  I definitely like unique, different, quirky, meaningful and memorable.

Ceremonies are one of the few things that let us take a few moments out of our busy lives and help remind us of the importance of people, our values and truths.  Ceremonies make one day different from other day.  Your ceremony is one of the most special days in your life.  That’s why its important to me to help you create a unique, heartfelt and completely personalised ceremony.

Professionalism is part of my make up, along with being organised after having managed my own  business for over 20 years and being a mentor and a consultant to others.

Formal or Informal, Always sincere.

If you feel we could be a match, then let me marry you !

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